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In the realm of ergonomic office chairs, there are some that reach a status of  being called a specialty chair. The Therapod Therapist Extra Highback chair provides back support for every region of your back like no other chair because of their patented body-specific strap adjustments. Where we find the most success with this chair is for people that have back problems. Either a back injury or back surgery, has created a need to increase or decrease back support depending on a specific region of their back. This is the only chair as far as I know that can do that.

Recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors, the Therapod Therapist Extra Highback is available also as a regular highback chair. It comes standard with the Deluxe Tilt J-Bar mechanism.

Just because it's a specialty chair doesn't mean you are limited to textile options. The Therapod is available in multiple textile, vinyl, and leather choices and if for some reason the graded in options are not to your liking, we can do COM or COL which opens the door to thousands of possibilities.

Please schedule a session here so that we take the time to adjust this chair for you and show you all it's features.

seat height adjustment


To raise the chair, lift the paddle up while lifting your weight from the seat until you reach the desired height. Release the paddle to lock into place. To lower the chair, lift the paddle up allowing your weight to push the seat down to the desired height. Release the paddle to lock into place.

forward tilt


To tilt the seat forward, first recline slightly in the chair and then rotate handle clockwise until desired angle is reached. To return to a neutral position, rotate handle counter-clockwise.
seat depth


To adjust the seat depth, lift up on paddle and simultaneously lift your weight from the seat while sliding the seat forward or backward. Release the paddle to lock the seat in place.



Leaning back in the chair, decide if the resistance of the chair is comfortable. If it is too stiff, rotate the tension knob counter-clockwise. If the chair does not provide enough resistance, turn the knob clockwise.
back height


To adjust back height, lean forward and grasp the sides of the outside back. To raise, slide the back up. To lower, slide it all the way to the top and then lower to desired height. Release to lock in place.
infinite tilt


To adjust the recline angle, pull the paddle up to unlock it. Recline to the desired position and push the paddle down to lock in place.
independent back


To increase the angle of the back, lift the paddle up while putting your weight on the back of the chair until desired angle. Release the paddle to lock. To decrease the angle of the back, lift the paddle up while removing your weight from the back until you reach the desired angle. Release the paddle to lock into place.
Lead Time

4 – 6 Weeks

Price Range Seating


Seating Type

Executive, Task


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