Space Planning & Design

Alan Desk offers design services in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas

Space Planning & Design

Space planning and Design is the most important phase on a new project. Whether it is a single office or an entire space, without proper planning, a space can look awkward at best or atrocious at worst.

Our designers have more than 20 years of space planning and design experience working on small and large projects and are able to optimize your space for comfort, productivity, and style. Based on your specific needs and requirements, our designers can combine different lines of furniture to create a unique look or if you need custom furniture, we’ll design and build it with our manufacturing partners.

Our goal is to create an office environment where the furniture, carpet, paint, wall paper, lighting, accessories, and artwork flow elegantly, each area fulfills its purpose, and each individual is able to be productive and fully enjoy their work-space.

On-site Consultations

Alan Desk Office Furniture Onsite Consultation

Onsite Consultations

There’s no better way to assess your specific needs than to do a complete on-site consultation, after which, we can advise you on range of different design options. When we do an on-site consultation, we’ll meet in person to address your questions, learn more about your needs and conduct detailed field measurements.

During the on-site consultation, you’ll have a chance to show you various brochures, laminates, veneers and fabric samples to see how they work with your space and lighting. Furniture is hard to conceptualize, so we’ll help you with that in person, 3D renderings, and floor plans. We can also discuss any wish list items for your new space.

We will work together on finding the best solution for your specific needs.

Standard and Custom Furniture

alan desk - custom designs - jay leno's desk

Custom Designs

Each business has its unique goals and challenges. Our decades of expertise allow us to anticipate and fulfill innovative work-space concepts. It doesn’t matter what kind of interior space you have, when you work with Alan Desk to create a custom design, you can expect nothing less than impeccable professionalism and a keen eye for design.

Perhaps you envision or require a unique piece that doesn’t already exist? We can make that custom piece of furniture for you. People are often inspired to redesign their space after seeing an eye-catching photo. We can recreate that. When we custom design your work-space or furniture and you will have complete control over every detail, such as:

  • What kind of wood
  • What color
  • The type and size of drawers
  • Sizing and shapes
  • Overall look
  • Provide your own handles/drawer pulls from an existing piece of furniture if you like

Installation/Relocation Services

office installation relocation services

Installation/Relocation Services

We just don’t sell furniture and design beautiful office spaces – we offer installation and relocation services too.

We are aware that moving to a new office is stressful – Let us help you and we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly.

Our installation crews are experienced, professional, and insured. We will coordinate the entire team, take care of all the logistics, and remove any trash generated in the process. Installations can be scheduled for any time or day* (Some days and times require 2 weeks in advance notice).

Even if you are moving your office across the hall or your entire company across town, Alan Desk can provide your relocation services. We can professionally move your:

  • Boxes
  • Furniture
  • Computers (disconnect and setup is not included)
  • Copiers
  • And all other items to the new location
  • Dispose of old furniture or deliver it to a donation center*

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Installation/Relocation Services

(Serving Southern California Only)

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Request more information about our Moving/Relocation Services by using this form or calling us at: