Standard and Custom Furniture

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Custom Designs

Each business has its unique goals and challenges. Our decades of expertise allow us to anticipate and fulfill innovative work-space concepts. It doesn’t matter what kind of interior space you have, when you work with Alan Desk to create a custom design, you can expect nothing less than impeccable professionalism and a keen eye for design.

Perhaps you envision or require a unique piece that doesn’t already exist? We can make that custom piece of furniture for you. People are often inspired to redesign their space after seeing an eye-catching photo. We can recreate that. When we custom design your work-space or furniture and you will have complete control over every detail, such as:

  • What kind of wood?
  • What color?
  • The type and size of drawers?
  • Sizing and shapes?
  • Overall look?
  • Provide your own handles/drawer pulls from an existing piece of furniture if you like