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The value of Family
Coriander Designs began in 1979 in the two car garage of founder Kenneth Boudreau. Mr. Boudreau believed his name was on each piece of furniture that left the “factory” doors. This resulted in extreme durability, masterful craftsmanship, and pleased customers. The superior products coupled with a dedication to customer service, has made Coriander Designs a responsive partner for the industry’s needs.

Starting with one design for an end table, and a corporate motto for eagerness to meet the customer’s desires, modifications have led to an endless catalog of unique seating and casegood products. Since the commencement of the design team in 1980, Coriander Designs has seen a parade of styles from traditional, to modern, to the unnamable. Whatever the style, whatever the shape, whatever the quantity, each item carries with it the promise of the founder, a promise of quality and durability. Moreover, customer service beyond the sale is synonymous with Coriander Designs.

With the 30th anniversary of the founding of Coriander Designs came a fresh perspective rooted in the same values. Carly Boudreau, second generation owner, brings an understanding of the unique contemporary demands, while ensuring the maintenance of the core values that made Coriander Designs the reliable provider by which it has become known.

American Made
At Coriander Designs, we are PROUD to manufacture all our products in America. Since 1978, Coriander Designs business model of keeping its manufacturing in the USA has resulted in a smaller eco-footprint, local job creation and long term manufacturing stability. By manufacturing all of our products at our Woodinville Washington headquarters we are able to be flexible in our product offerings, thus meeting the customers needs efficiently and effectively. We have total control over materials that allows for the assurance of the highest quality. Designed for your application / Built to last the test of time and ALL manufactured here in the United States of America.

Coriander Designs Factory Tour from Ryan Brown on Vimeo.

Coriander Designs Factory Tour Video from Ryan Brown on Vimeo.