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Aspen Lounge Collection


Aspen Lounge is an American made maple frame with high back, with wing, upholstered arm and tight seat.

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Product Description

DAVID EDWARD COMPANY is a family owned business established by Edward G. Pitts in 1963 and now managed by his sons, David, Gregory and Kevin. Long known for its high quality and reasonable price, David Edward seating is manufactured in two family-owned facilities totaling over 300,000 square feet, one in Baltimore, Maryland and the other near York, Pennsylvania. A work force of more than 300 skilled crafts people use old- world methods to create not only the standard David Edward product line but also products, under license, for other furniture marketers. An integrated David Edward Design Studio with skilled, in-house industrial designers and extensive prototype capabilities facilitates exceptional design development and enables the company to help develop, engineer and manufacture total custom designs for its clients. The company is represented throughout the United States as well as in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. David Edward and the Pitts family’s philosophy is to manifest positive, unconditional regard for its customers, its employees, its suppliers, the environment and the community at large.

David Edward has a long standing legacy of environmental stewardship. For fifty years, our family’s company has practiced conservation and sustainability while producing environmentally friendly furniture.

Decades before the green wave, our tradition of minimizing waste and employing natural materials was established with the concern for our employees and our impact on the environment. We have dedicated years to researching and testing materials, as well as exploring cutting edge manufacturing systems, resulting in our ability to produce low VOC, sustainable furniture that also meets David Edward’s high standards for quality and design. Additionally, David Edward is uniquely capable of supporting our clients’ environmental mission, through both our extensive custom capabilities and our vertically integrated production process.

Our in-house Industrial Design Studio, Studio David Edward, is capable of reconciling the conflicting demands for maximum value, with innovative aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. Custom designs can provide an exclusive look and harmonious integration with the environment. Whether a revision to an existing piece, or a totally new product designed to fit a customer’s project specific requirements, this unique capability that we are able to provide our clients enables us to be innovators in the use of non-toxic, renewable, recyclable and natural materials with
clean processes.

We produce everything in our own facilities in the United States and it is this vertical integration that supports our confidence in our ability to certify the materials and manufacturing systems used to create each and every product design. To aid our customers, David Edward maintains complete and documented supervision of environmental specifications, as all of our products are fully produced with little or no reliance on third party vendors.

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