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9to5 Seating: Seating Manufacturer

Founded in 1982, 9to5 Seating is a top seating manufacturer in California that specializes in the design and production of ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing office seating to accommodate the rigorous demands of today's office environment. 9to5 Seating chairs can be found in offices, healthcare facilities, lobbies, and schools.

9to5 seating

The key principles are: design, accessibility, quality, and value.

Without great design, what do customers have? A functional, commoditized product that fails to inspire or engage. Their Design Team seeks to bring out the best in each user by delivering a line of seating that draws customers in and becomes an extension of work and a functional piece of furniture, all in one. 9to5 Seating strives for seating that is built to be accessible, easy to use, and intuitive.

9to5 Seating company is a vertically integrated manufacturer company and has specialists both on the field and at their headquarters ready to assist end users, facility contact managers, interior designers, or furniture dealers. In addition to providing great customer service and having a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, 9to5 Seating invests in advanced technologies throughout operations, making it simple to configure products, order control, shipping, track, and service with the utmost accuracy.

9to5 Seating - Factory Tour Video

Why should you choose 9to5 Seating Products?

Being a seating manufacturer, 9to5 Seating offers a wide selection of fabric choices and colors, frame colors, and a multitude of other options for each seating offering. This type of flexibility allows you to create the best possible work environment for your next project. Because these are made-to-order products, each collection has its own different lead time. The only exception would be the @NCE collection which is kept in stock and ready to ship.

What chair category can 9to5 Seating offer to you?

  1. Task / Work chair
  2. Executive / Conference chair
  3. Guest / Side chair
  4. Lounge Seating
  5. Stacking chair
  6. Nesting
  7. Stools
  8. Motion Seating
  9. @NCE - In-Stock Collection

9to5 Seating is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices:

  • GREENGUARD GOLD Certified products
  • Participating in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Wise Program
  • LEED® NC Gold Certification for corporate headquarters facility LEVEL®
  • BIFMA’s sustainability certification program for furniture
  • Partnering with One Tree Planted a non-profit organization committed to global reforestation


9to5 Seating creativity doesn’t stop at the product style. The team engages in a variety of social and environmental initiatives as well. From cleaning up local beaches to donating office furniture to non-profits, they enjoy giving back to the community.

What are the top office chairs from 9to5 Seating?

Sol Task Chair


The Sol is a task chair that seamlessly integrates technology and supports all the postures we assume as we read on tablets, text on phones, video chat or work 8+ hours a day behind a computer . A slim layer of upholstery material or mesh cushions the back while allowing easy movement. Sol uses responsive pivot-back technology for total support regardless of how much you move for a perfect fit. The pivoting back mirrors your natural posture changes, letting you settle in or sit up, or even move side-to-side.

Strata Task Chair


The Strata is a task chair that is loaded with ergonomic features and options including supporting mesh, adjustable lumbar, adjustable arms, a seat slider, and a headrest. The seat slider helps you reach the optimal support for your legs and body for an ergonomic posture, while the headrest option provides extra support when leaning back.

Luna Task Chair


The 9to5 Seating Luna Collection is a great ergonomic office seating. The Luna Collection includes task chair, task stool, and side chair models, all built with comfort and movement in mind.

All Luna models have a pull handle that makes them easy to move. They also feature a mesh back that flexes and adjusts as you move. An optional height-adjustable lumbar provides additional back support by simply filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat.

Project Potlights

Chili Community Center

El Paso VA Hospital

Kings County Clinic

Pediatric Associates of Richmond

Chili Community Center

Chili Community Center

Why does ergonomic office seating matter?


Ergonomics help employees stay more comfortable and ergonomic solutions can increase productivity by as much as 25%, according to multiple studies.

From the beginning, 9to5 Seating has been obsessively focused on one thing, creating the best lounge and office chair lineup possible that offers great value without compromising quality.

Office chairs are critical to employee productivity, success, and health. They are one of a few things that every employee in the organization touches and uses daily at work. A great office chair can make or break the work day. With a comfortable chair, ergonomically designed and specifically specified for the intended use, workers are properly positioned for a more productive work day.

How to adjust your chair for optimum comfort and ergonomic support?

correct and wrong sitting posture. workplace ergonomics health benefits.
  1. The first step is to sit back in the chair so that your weight is evenly distributed. Then, if the chair has adjustable lumbar support, move it until it feels comfortable against your lower back.
  2. Next, adjust the height of the seat so that your feet are planted firmly on the ground and your thighs are parallel to the ground. If the chair has arms, adjust them so that they are level with the height of your keyboard.
  3. Finally, tilt the back of the chair until it feels restful against your lower back. You may need to experiment with a few different positions to find what feels best for you.


Ergonomics and wellness should be at the core of every company’s workplace strategy and solution. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it will also improve productivity, save money and boost employee morale.

5 key trends and ideas that are shaping the seating market:

1. The rise of the active worker: As more and more people adopt active lifestyles, they are looking for ways to incorporate movement into their work day. This has led to an increase in demand for ergonomic chairs that allow workers to move freely and stay comfortable while they work.

2. The popularity of mesh back chairs: Mesh back chairs are becoming increasingly popular because they offer breathability and support. These chairs are perfect for workers who are looking for a chair that will keep them cool and comfortable during long hours at the office.

3. The growth of the home office: With more people working from home, there is a growing need for seating that is both cozy and stylish. This has led to an increase in demand for chairs that are both functional and fashionable.

4. The rise of the millennial worker: Millennial workers are increasingly looking for ways to personalize their workspace. This has led to an increase in demand for seatings that offer a variety of customization options and possibilities.

5. The need for sustainable seating: As more companies adopt sustainable business practices, they are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. This has led to an increase in demand for seating options made from sustainable materials that can be recycled or reused.

9 to 5 seating expects all of these trends to continue in the coming years and is prepared to offer products that meet the needs of the modern workplace.

The modern workplace is constantly evolving and changing, and as a result, so are the needs of the workers who inhabit it. In order to stay ahead of the curve, 9to5 Seating is committed to offering products that meet the needs of today’s active and mobile workforce. We believe that ergonomics should be at the core of every company’s workplace strategy, and Alan Desk is proud to offer a wide range of seating options that are designed for comfort and productivity from many American and Canadian Manufacturers. Consider 9to5 Seating for your next project.