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Design Process

design process evaluation


We discuss the specifics of your project either as a phone consultation or in person.

In the initial phase of our design process we discuss a wide range of questions such as: What are your needs and wants? What is your budget? Does the project have a hard deadline? What style of furniture do you prefer? Do we need to meet in person? And big picture questions such as, what kind of image do you want for your company?

    • Discuss your needs and wants


    • How soon do you need furniture?


    • Establish a budget


    • What style of furniture do you prefer?


    • Meet in person


    • What kind of image would you like for your company?


planning design process


In the planning phase we roll up our sleeves and begin the process of finding the best solution for you.

This includes finding and proposing lines of furniture, selecting materials and colors, finessing down a budget per area, and coordinating meetings with all parties involved so we can be sure we are all on the same page.

  • Show lines of furniture that meets your needs
  • Either work with the provided CAD drawing or we can measure your space for a fee
  • Establish a realistic budget to work with
  • Setup meetings with all parties involved to confirm everyone is on the same page.
concept design process


We present concepts, drawings, and floor plans of lines of furniture that work.

This includes revising the final floor plans, confirm we are still within budget, confirm we have the aesthetic style the client would like to project, confirm that we addressing all the problems from Step #1.

  • Revise the final floor plans
  • Confirm we are still within budget or acceptable budget
  • Confirm we have the aesthetic style the client desires
  • Confirm that we are addressing all the problems from step 1 with solutions


We finalize and confirm all details before the order is placed.

This includes receiving the appropriate deposits, approving items to be ordered, and ordering all items from the manufacturers. This is also the time for the client to begin preparations for the installation phase.

  • Finalize the project
  • Approve all items/ colors/ fabrics/ materials/ etc
  • Items are ordered with the manufacturer/s
  • Client begins to prepare for moving out old furniture and bringing in the new


In this final phase we focus on transforming your space

We'll contact the client to schedule an installation date. A professional and insured crew will install all the new furniture and clean the job site. Alan Desk places everything in the proper place so you just need to move in. The client is responsible for moving computers, telephones and other office equipment.

That's it! Welcome to your new office space!

    • Contact client to schedule installation date


    • Professional and insured crew installs furniture in place as per the floor plan


    • Delivery crew removes all trash and leaves site ready for you to move in


    • Client is responsible for doing electrical and IT related installs


    • Welcome to your new office space!