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Featured Ergonomic Office Chairs

Best Sellers and Most Popular Collection of task chairs

Welcome to our curated selection of top-notch ergonomic office chairs! We understand that choosing the perfect task chair can be overwhelming with our extensive range of options. That's why we've handpicked the absolute best from our collection, so you can experience comfort, style, and productivity all in one place.

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allseating innate collection

Our Most Popular Office Chairs

Introducing our "Most Popular" ergonomic office chairs - These chairs are more than just furniture; they're the keys to a more comfortable and productive workday. Unless budget constraints dictate otherwise, these chairs are bound to win you over with their unbeatable quality, configuraiton options, and ergonomic design. Explore and prepare to upgrade your office seating experience.

Allseating | You & You Too Task Chair

The You (Aluminum Frame) and You Too (Nylon Frame) task chair by Allseating is by far our most popular chair. What sets this chair apart is its extraordinary lumbar support achieved through a mechanism that bends the frame to provide ultimate back support and ensuring an ergonomic sitting experience like no other.

But that's not all – personalization is key, and the You & You Too chair offers an array of choices to tailor both the look and feel to your exact preferences. Plus, our tall and petite seat options are available to ensure a perfect fit for every body type. Discover why this chair reigns as our most popular ergonomic office chair and transform your workspace into a haven of comfort and style.

  • -> Overwhelming amount of textiles to choose       from including vinyl and leather.
  • -> Option to do COM fabric.
  • -> Multiple mesh colors.
  • -> Mid back, high back, mid back + headrest         options.
  • -> Tall and petite configurations
  • -> Quick ship Program available (2-3 weeks)           for certain fabrics and configurations
  • -> 12 Year Warranty

Keilhauer | Junior Task Chair

The Junior Task Chair by Keilhauer represents a revolutionary leap in chair comfort, challenging conventional notions of ergonomic support. Its patented back support system, featuring the unique T1-L5 Free Shoulders® shape, redefines the way we experience seating comfort.

This innovative design meticulously follows the natural curvature of your spine, providing exceptional lumbar and thoracic support. What sets it apart is its ability to maintain an advantageous shoulder blade position even during recline, liberating you from the common "hunched-shoulder" posture that can easily occur during prolonged keyboarding or mouse work. As a result, your chest expands, allowing for deeper breaths and enhanced lung capacity. Visit our showroom and try it our for yourself.

  • -> Overwhelming amount of textiles to choose from including vinyl and leather.
  • -> Option to do COM fabric.
  • -> Standard and deep seat
  • -> Lead time 6 - 7 weeks
  • -> 10 Year Warranty

Humanscale | Freedom Task Chair

Introducing the Freedom Task Chair by Humanscale: Where design and sustainability unite in perfection. Winner of numerous prestigious awards, this chair seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with exceptional support. What sets it apart? Humanscale's engineering when it comes to their body balance mechanism is without equal. All you have to do is sit, and adjust the height and depth. If you want to lean back you just lean back. If you want to be at a particular angle, you just do it. There are no paddles to lock the chair.

But here's the remarkable part – the Freedom Task Chair is more than just a chair; it's a commitment to a better world. It holds the Net Positive certification, actively reversing environmental damage. With a 15-year, 24/7 warranty, it's an investment in your well-being and our planet's future.

  • -> Multiple textiles to choose from including vinyl and leather.
  • -> Quickship model available in all black
  • -> Best body balance mechanism
  • -> Net Positive product
  • -> Lead time 4 - 5 weeks
  • -> 15 Year Warranty

Allseating | Levo Task Chair

Introducing the Levo Task Chair by Allseating, a stylish and affordable solution designed for today's mobile workforce. Inspired by the Latin word "levis," meaning "raise" or "lift," the Levo chair features a proprietary 'hands-on' back adjustment system, offering lumbar support at five distinct intervals.

Available in three sleek frame colors, black, birch, and smoke, Levo boasts a Y-shaped back and a three-point pivot system that seamlessly supports your every movement. The back upholstery comes in a standard mesh, offering a choice of five elegant colors.

Notably, the Levo's seat provides ample space for comfort without compromise. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a more affordable solution if the You and You Too chair is out of your budget while still offering impressive comfort and versatility. Experience ergonomic excellence with the Levo by Allseating.

  • -> Overwhelming amount of textiles to choose           from including vinyl and leather.
  • -> Option to do COM fabric
  • -> Multiple options and colors for the mesh back
  • -> Weight limit 325 lbs.
  • -> Lead time 4 - 5 weeks
  • -> 12 Year Warranty / 5 Fabric*

Home Office Chairs

Welcome to our Home Office Chairs section, where we embrace the evolving work landscape. In today's dynamic world, more and more individuals are transitioning to remote work or adopting hybrid schedules, dividing their time between home and the office. With this shift comes a growing desire for home office chairs that not only offer exceptional comfort but also blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of a home environment.

Gone are the days of bulky, office-centric designs. Our carefully curated selection reflects the latest trend in home office furniture – cleaner lines and a departure from the traditional "officy" look. Our trusted vendors have been attuned to these changing needs, crafting chairs that harmonize with your home decor while providing the ergonomic support and functionality you require for a productive workday. Explore this collection and discover the perfect fusion of style and comfort for your home office setup.

As a friendly reminder, just because these chairs are under the home office category, it doesn't mean that they don't belong in an office. Of course they do but only if you are creating a contemporary inviting work environment.

Humanscale | Path Task Chair

Discover the Path by Humanscale – the ultimate home office chair that effortlessly conforms to your unique body shape from the moment you sit down. Unlike conventional chairs, Path eliminates the need for endless adjustments, promoting healthier work habits.

Its warm and versatile aesthetic seamlessly complements any home workspace, adding a touch of open, elevated simplicity. Plus, with a range of personalization options, the Path chair becomes a chameleon, enhancing your surroundings without overpowering them. Elevate your home office experience with Path, where comfort and style unite effortlessly.

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A New Standard in Sustainability

Fishing nets and plastic containers collected from the ocean are used to create material that is used in the structural components throughout this chair.

Path represents a new benchmark, upcycling more plastic waste than any other chair in the industry. It's also our 26th climate positive product, giving back more to the planet than it takes each time it's made. Humanscale remains the only manufacturer in our industry to have any products that are certified climate positive, let alone 26. Likewise, no other company matches our independent certifications across areas like:

  • -> Multiple textiles to choose from including vinyl and leather.
  • -> Super easy to assemble
  • -> Best body balance mechanism
  • -> Net Positive product
  • -> Lead time 4 - 5 weeks
  • -> 15 Year Warranty

Via Seating | Onda Task Chair

Introducing the Onda by Via Seating, the ideal choice for discerning individuals seeking home office furniture that seamlessly blends form and function. This chair strikes the perfect balance between ergonomic excellence and exquisite design, offering you both without compromise.

Experience instant comfort personalized to your unique sitting style with Onda – Italian for "Wave" – Via Seating's celebrated all-mesh chair. Now available with an upholstered seat option for added comfort, Onda caters to your comfort needs.

This chair's accolades speak volumes, including the 2021 ADEX Platinum award and Silver at Best of Neocon 2021. Elevate your home office with Onda, where style and ergonomics come together effortlessly, providing the perfect solution for your home office needs.

  • -> 7 mesh colors
  • -> Ships 95% Assembled
  • -> Two options for copper-infused mesh that             are  biocidal & self-sanitizing
  • -> New option to have a fabric seat for extra               cushion
  • -> Lead time 2 -3  weeks
  • -> 12 Year Warranty / 5 Years for mesh
via seating onda task chair with black mesh and light gray frame

Allseating | Innate Task Chair

picture shows different innate task chairs with and without the headrest and different views

Introducing Innate by Allseating – the ultimate home office chair that effortlessly combines comfort, style, and affordability. Innate's intuitively ergonomic design ensures you enjoy superior, all-day comfort without the need for constant adjustments.

Designed with you in mind, Innate offers a variety of customization options, including a choice of Black or Birch frame finishes and a range of upholstery choices to suit your taste. With integrated lumbar support and an optional pivoting headrest, it adapts to your unique needs.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable workdays. Innate offers a choice of two mechanisms – Synchro Tilt or Weight Activated – so you can find the perfect fit. Plus, it comes with ergonomic arms for added comfort and versatility.

Experience the difference with Innate by Allseating and elevate your home office to a new level of comfort and style.

  • -> Multiple textiles to choose from including               vinyl and leather
  • -> Option to do COM fabric
  • -> Integrated lumbar support
  • -> Clean design
  • -> Lead time 4 - 5 weeks
  • -> Weight limit of 350 lbs
  • -> 12 Year Warranty / 5 Years for textile*

OFS | Lucia Task Chair

lucia task chair by ofs shown in a private office from the series staks and a sofy guest chair

Introducing Lucia Task Chair by OFS, your gateway to a world of comfort and creativity in your home office, designed by the internationally acclaimed Claudio Bellini. Lucia is not just a chair; it's a masterpiece born from Bellini's innovative spirit and his passion for diverse cultures.

As you begin your workday, Lucia's mesh back provides a gentle, adaptable embrace, supporting your every move and ensuring uninterrupted focus, thanks to its ergonomic design.

But here's the fascinating part: Lucia is not just a chair; it's a canvas for your personal style. Choose from various textiles and frame colors, including Carbon, Chalk, and Graphite, to create a chair that reflects your unique taste. Whether you're working from home or seeking a versatile, stylish chair, Lucia offers both comfort and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

Experience the difference, elevate your workspace, and let Claudio Bellini's artistry enhance your home office with Lucia by OFS.

  • -> Multiple textiles to choose from including               vinyl and leather
  • -> Option to do COM fabric
  • -> 3 Frame colors
  • -> 5 Mesh color options
  • -> Lead time 4 - 5 weeks
  • -> Weight limit of 350 lbs
  • -> 12 Year Warranty / 5 Years for textile*

In-Stock Office Chairs

Introducing our "In-Stock" top picks – the perfect solution for those who need a chair pronto. Whether you're urgently setting up your home office or your business just welcomed a new member, we've got you covered. Our in-stock chairs are ready to ship, ensuring you get the comfort and support you need without the wait. Browse our in-stock selection and experience the convenience of seamless and speedy delivery to elevate your workspace instantly. Because when time is of the essence, your comfort shouldn't be compromised.

9to5 Seating | @NCE SoFi Task Chair


Meet the SoFi Task Chair by 9to5 Seating – a HIP award-winning office chair from the @NCE collection, ready to transform your workspace instantly. Packed with smart functionality and designed for multi-user tasking or conferencing, Sofi is the epitome of user-friendly innovation.

This chair empowers you to work smarter, offering adjustments that are not only easy to use but also cutting-edge. With an innovative mechanism that allows natural shifts forward or backward, Sofi helps you find balance in motion. Its active design energizes users, making it the savvy choice for a workplace that prioritizes health and well-being.

And here's the best part – Sofi is in stock and ready to ship, ensuring you don't have to wait for comfort and productivity. Elevate your workspace with the Sofi Task Chair, where innovation meets convenience.

  • -> 2022 Good Design® Award winner
  • -> Available in black and off white frame colors
  • -> HÅG in Balance mechanism (balanced, flowing tilt function)
  • -> Adjustable lumbar
  • -> In-Stock / Ships in 48 Hours
  • -> Limited lifetime warranty
  • -> Weight limit of 300 lbs
  • -> Level 2 and Greenguard Gold

ODS | Caressa Task Chair

Meet the Caressa Task Chair by ODS – where superior comfort and all-day support take center stage for any task environment. This chair prioritizes your well-being with a contoured thick molded foam seat that provides firm, yet gentle support for enduring comfort. This is our favorite budget and in-stock chair and you can purchase it here.

What sets Caressa apart is its standard features tailored for your convenience – a seat slider for intuitive height adjustment, a deluxe lock synchro-tilt mechanism for customizable motion, and adjustable arms for added flexibility. The breathable mesh back with lumbar support ensures a chair that adapts to users of all heights and body types.

The best part? Caressa is in stock and ready to ship, ensuring you can experience the perfect blend of comfort and functionality without any delay. Elevate your task environment with the Caressa Task Chair.

  • -> Durable, breathable mesh back
  • -> Adjustable lumbar support
  • -> Thick contoured molded foam seat
  • -> Backrest tension control
  • -> Height and forward-backward adjustable             arms
  • -> Seat slider
  • -> Deluxe synchro-tilt mechanism with                         3-position lock
  • -> In-stock and ready to ship <--
  • -> Easy to assemble

@NCE 217 | 9to5 Seating


Introducing the @217 by 9to5 Seating – the epitome of instant comfort and efficiency. With a polished aluminum base and an all-mesh design, this chair not only looks sharp but also delivers lumbar support and a seat slider for tailored comfort. The 8-way arm adjustment ensures a personalized experience that suits your unique needs.

But what truly sets the @217 apart? It's in stock and ready to ship, offering you a seamless solution for an immediate upgrade to your workspace. Don't wait for comfort – the @217 is your ticket to a stylish, functional, and quickly accessible task chair. Elevate your work environment effortlessly and experience the perfect blend of form and function today.

  • -> All mesh
  • -> Adjustable lumbar support
  • -> Full synchro tilt mechanism
  • -> 8-Way adjustable arms
  • -> Seat slider
  • -> Polished aluminum base
  • -> In-stock and ready to ship <--
  • -> Easy to assemble

Therapod® Therapist Chair | Allseating

therapod therapist chair by allseating. picture shows how the back opens to adjust the different sections of the back for support

Meet the Therapod Therapist by Allseating – the ultimate solution for those seeking a highly adjustable chair to conquer back pain and ensure unrivaled comfort. Uniquely designed for individuals who've undergone back surgery or face ongoing back issues, this chair goes beyond the ordinary to provide patented back support like no other.

What sets the Therapod Therapist apart is its revolutionary fully adjustable back support system. Tailored to every region of your back through body-specific strap adjustments, it ensures a level of comfort that's perfectly suited to your individual needs. If you're in search of a chair that not only alleviates back pain but also prioritizes your overall well-being, the Therapod Therapist is your go-to choice. Elevate your seating experience with the pinnacle of adjustability and comfort, specially crafted for those who deserve nothing but the best for their backs.

  • -> Patented adjustment 4-strap system with             high density molded seat foam
  • -> Multiple textile options including vinyl                       and leather
  • -> Multiple mechanism options
  • -> Multiple arm options
  • -> Seat slider
  • -> Polished aluminum base optional
  • -> 12 Year Warranty

Alan Desk | Ergonomic Office Chair Consultation

Thanks for exploring our thoughtfully curated range of ergonomic chairs designed to enhance your office or home workspace. We understand that selecting the right chair is a personal decision, and we're here to assist. If you have questions or need help finding the ideal ergonomic chair tailored to your needs, don't hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team is here to guide you toward a chair that not only supports your body but also promotes your overall well-being. Let's transform your workspace into a comfortable and productive haven together. Contact us today, and let's find the perfect chair for you.