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JAZZ Bookcase | La Palma

The bookcase that gives rhythm to contemporary space

Miles Davis used to say that it was useless playing all the notes when you can play only the best ones. And this idea of economy of sound and ingenious choice of every vibration is the inspiration behind the JAZZ bookcase, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, the new art director at Lapalma. A light, linear and yet very powerful harmony, marked by that apparent spontaneity which is a distinctive feature of the most outstanding jazz performances. And just as music develops from a theme, evolving into variations, this bookcase stems from a deep base, of different lengths, from which supporting elements emerge and which, in turn, interlock with other surfaces and replicate an imaginary stave. A musical score that defines and keeps all contexts fluid, JAZZ, from the office to the home. The only note that Lapalma never leaves to improvisation is the sustainability of each project. This bookcase, consisting of die-cast aluminium uprights, wood agglomerate shelves and concealed steel joints, is also completely recyclable. The future holds a good rhythm.

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la palma jazz bookcase by guiseppe bavuso

JAZZ Bookcase by La Palma is where contemporary space meets rhythmic harmony. Inspired by Miles Davis' philosophy of selecting only the best notes, this masterpiece by Giuseppe Bavuso, Lapalma's new art director, embodies economy, ingenuity, and power. Its light and linear design reveals a symphony of interlocking elements, mirroring an imaginative stave. From offices to homes, this versatile bookcase adapts effortlessly. Crafted with die-cast aluminum uprights, wood agglomerate shelves, and concealed steel joints, it not only captivates but also prioritizes sustainability, as every element is fully recyclable. Experience the future of elegance as JAZZ Bookcase orchestrates a perfect harmony in your space.

Sample Configurations

| Bookcase

Two-column configuration

la palma jazz bookcase two column configuraton

| Bookcase

la palma jazz bookcase four column configuraton

Four-column configuration

| Bookcase

Three-column configuration

la palma jazz bookcase three column configuraton

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