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Zefiro Office Desk | Alea

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Zefiro desking and benching which can be freestanding or wall hung is a unique and sophisticated product with anodized aluminum frame with a quick linking metal to metal connector to secure the frame to the legs and crossbars.

A special edition is the magnet technology to secure the top structure to the frame. Zefiro features side stuctural storage with CPU holder and pedestals. Desks can sit on top of the storage (service unit) which celebrates layering along with integrated vertical wire management hidden from view. Seated height visual privacy screens can be incorporated and are suspended from the frame, these screens can also accomodate vertical paper and accessory management caddies. These screens can come in fabric or acrylic with anodized aluminum frame.

Zefiro collection also comes with a wall hung extruded aluminum frame shelving structure. The shelves are glass and the panels come in 3, 4, 5, 6 specified in wood veneer, Italian melamine or embossed. Additional features are the open architectural leg in anodized aluminum that can be polished and also be wood filled.

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Material - Desks

Glass, Laminate, Solid Surface, Veneer

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