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Vida Table Collection | Davis Furniture

A perfect fusion of strength and elegance. Solid-steel base, soft curves, and versatile finishes create a modern masterpiece for any space.

From meeting to conference, the Vida table is grounded by a solid-steel powder-coated base and thin profile top. The strength and rigor of the base is contrasted with a soft curve in both its silhouette and overall form. Each base can be finished in one of Davis’ 30+ standard powder-coat finishes. The tops are available in ash, oak and walnut veneers, standard laminates as well as Fenix™ Innovative Materials in a range of hues.

Vida exudes a harmonious design with its depth of materiality and technological precision; meanwhile its sculptural silhouette stands out as a modern showpiece design for any interior, from contract to residential.


| Conference Table

vida table collection davis furniture

| Meeting Table

vida table collection davis furniture

Meet the Designer

Hanne Willmann


After studying at the University of the Artsin Berlin and Elisava in Barcelona, Hanne Willmann worked for the design studio Autoban in Istanbul and for Werner Aisslinger in Berlin, before founding her own studio in 2015. From 2018 until 2021 Hanne was the Creative Director of theGerman furniture brand, Interlübke. Today Hanne’s Berlin-based multi disciplinary design studio focuses on industrial design, product design and design consultancy. The ongoing search for sense and sensuality in design has givenStudio Hanne Willmann a unique position within the design industry. Hanne and her studio have worked with many different brands from all over the world, revealing a profound fascination for details and emphasizing the high value she places on aesthetic appeal.

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