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YO Table | La Palma

Recalling the sign of victory, the YO table is successful thanks to its versatility, meeting all needs as a top in work and relaxation spaces. Thanks to its off-centre base and its Y-shaped leg, the tabletop, available in various geometric shapes, perfectly aligns with armchairs and sofas. Height-adjustable, it is as handy as a small desk.

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la palma lounge tables utility tables by romano marcato

YO Table by La Palma, a triumph of elegance and adaptability designed to elevate your office environment. Inspired by the triumphant symbol of victory, this table exudes versatility, catering effortlessly to the diverse requirements of both work and relaxation spaces. Its distinctive off-centre base and captivating Y-shaped leg create a visual masterpiece, while the tabletop, available in an array of geometric shapes, harmoniously complements armchairs and sofas. With its adjustable height feature, the YO Table seamlessly transitions between a sophisticated centerpiece and a practical workstation, offering the convenience of a compact desk.


Meet the designer

Romano Marcato was born in 1951, in Cadoneghe, a few kilometres from Padua. In 1970, he obtained a high-school diploma from the Istituto Tecnico Industriale of Padua, specialising in mechanical engineering...

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