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UNO Chair Collection | La Palma

It has such an original character that it transforms and happily remains the same. With its minimalist versatile design, the UNO chair is part of a system, intended for different roles and moments in the office and the home. The seat is the standard feature, whereas the backrest varies: high for the executive version for maximum back support, and lower for relaxing in any environment. Colours, materials and base supports provide countless options. What remains unmistakable is the simplicity of a great idea.

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UNO Chair by La Palma, where timeless elegance meets unparalleled functionality. Crafted in Italy with meticulous attention to detail, this chair embodies a distinctive character that effortlessly adapts to its surroundings. The UNO Chair's minimalist and versatile design makes it an ideal choice for various settings, be it the dynamic office or the cozy home environment. Its standard seat provides exceptional comfort, while the backrest is customizable to suit individual preferences. Opt for the executive version with a higher backrest, ensuring maximum support for those demanding workdays, or choose the lower backrest for unwinding in any ambiance. With a wide array of colors, materials, and base supports to select from, the UNO Chair offers endless possibilities for personalization. Yet amidst the myriad options, one thing remains unequivocal—the sheer simplicity of a brilliant concept.


Meet the designer

Francesco Rota is an interior and product designer based in Milan. He was born in 1966, graduated in product design at Art Center College of Design in 1994, La Tour de Peilz (Switzerland), and in 1998 opened his own studio in Milano...

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