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OIVA Chair | La Palma

You look at it and feel the taste of good things. Childhood meals, children drawing, bread, lunch with friends while gazing at the clear sky among woodland branches. In Finnish, “OIVA” means all this. It means “something good”. It means the new splendid chair that Antti Kotilainen has designed for Lapalma, a redesign of the classic wooden kitchen chair. Memory and invention. Elegant, classic lines, with a wider and more contemporary profile brings harmony to shapes and comfort to all contexts. Recyclable ash plywood is the ultimate raw material, for the frame, seat and backrest. Such is the nature of memories and the nature of elements when they create “something good” together.

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The exquisite OIVA Chair by La Palma, a masterpiece crafted with timeless elegance and modern allure. Inspired by cherished memories of delightful childhood moments, this chair encapsulates the essence of good taste and fine craftsmanship. Designed by Antti Kotilainen, the OIVA Chair pays homage to the classic wooden kitchen chair while embracing a wider, contemporary profile that seamlessly harmonizes with any environment. Crafted from recyclable ash plywood, the chair's frame, seat, and backrest exemplify sustainability and ecological consciousness. Its graceful and refined lines invite comfort and sophistication into every setting, from upscale corporate offices to cozy workspaces. With OIVA, La Palma creates "something good" by blending cherished memories with innovative design, crafting an extraordinary seating experience that transcends time and captivates the senses.

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Design Office Antti Kotilainen was founded 1997 in Helsinki. Specializing in furniture design his studio also provides product design as well as complete visual concepts ranging from graphic to spatial design...

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