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Sui Desk Chair | Hightower

Not just a desk or just a chair, Sui takes form and function to new heights. Swivel to use the seat back as a work surface, or keep turning for a comfortable resting place.

  • Available in multiple colors

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Elevate form and function. Inspired by dynamic production in public spaces, swivel for a work surface or keep turning for comfort.

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sui desk chair hightower

Meet the Designers

Raw Edges

Founded in 2007, Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, develop inventive, emotionally aware products, furniture, interiors and installations.

Colors, patternmaking and movement form a large part of the DNA at Raw-Edges. The ideas of energy and provocative illusion are aimed at bringing out the kid in all of us who engage with it, an ongoing battle against boredom perhaps!

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