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AUKI Chair | La Palma

There are moments during the day that go beyond a right angle and that seek the sinuous embracing line that supports and relaxes the body. These are moments for the AUKI armchair. Just like a shell, its curved shape gently opens up to create a subtle armrest. The headrest and stool complete its sheer comfort and transform the chair into an elegant chaise-longue. A wide choice of base supports, for the two different complementary small tables, square and round, enhances this perfectly versatile armchair.

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The AUKI Armchair by La Palma— with its captivating clean lines and exquisite contours, this chair offers a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The curved shape gently embraces your body, providing a sublime seating experience. Emulating the graceful form of a shell, it features a subtle armrest for added relaxation. Transforming into an elegant chaise-longue, the AUKI Armchair boasts optional headrest and stool attachments, further enhancing its allure. Choose from a range of base supports and complement this versatile armchair with square or round small tables.


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