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WING TIP Chair | La Palma

The lounge chair that hugs you

Who wouldn’t want to be embraced like this, as if in flight, with those swallow-wing armrests that evoke the sky and lightness? Who but Anderssen&Voll could give shape to our desire to relax before a trip or a meeting? Together with the Norwegian duo, we have created the WING TIP lounge chair. With its elegant and discreet volumes, it’s also ideal for waiting at an airport, in a museum, restaurant, office or home. And to live on our planet with respect and foresight, we have created WING TIP based on the principles of sustainability, from its shell made of a single recyclable material to its upholstery, without the use of glues, which envelops and protects. If we continue like this, swallows will always come back to see us

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la palma lounge chair wing tip

WING TIP Lounge Chair by La Palma—a captivating blend of comfort and elegance. Designed by Anderssen&Voll, this chair embraces you with its swallow-wing armrests, evoking a sense of flight and weightlessness. Ideal for relaxation or productivity, it seamlessly fits into any setting, be it an airport, museum, restaurant, office, or home. Crafted sustainably from recyclable materials, WING TIP's upholstery is glue-free, ensuring both comfort and environmental consciousness. Embrace the allure of the WING TIP lounge chair and create spaces that welcome cherished moments, just like the return of faithful swallows.



Meet the designer

Anderssen & Voll is an Oslo based design studio run by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll. Torbjørn is graduated from The Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Espen is graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts...

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