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Adapt Sofa | Hightower

With 3 back heights to choose from, Adapt Sofa and Settee give you the options you need to create show-stopping lounge setting that will draw users in. Soft curves, sleek metal detailing, and the option for contrasting fabrics are components that will set your space apart.

  • Collection includes Lounge chairs, sofas, and benches
  • Multiple configurations of each product
  • Available in multiple fabrics
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Designed by Ross Gardam, Adapt is Hightower's first foray into Australian design. With a relaxed and calm expression, the Adapt series is a reflection of the Australian lifestyle. The soft curves and inviting nature of this collection feel at home in any space, from hospitality to education to workplace settings.

adapt sofa hightower

| Armless Lowback Sofa


| Lowback TwoSeat Sofa


| Lowback TwoSeat Curve Sofa


| Armless Midback Sofa

adapt sofa hightower

| Midback Sofa

adapt sofa hightower

| Midback Curve Sofa

adapt sofa hightower

| Armless Highback Sofa

adapt sofa hightower

| Highback Sofa

adapt sofa hightower

| Highback Curve Sofa


Meet the Designer

Ross Gardam

Ross Gardam® is a synergy of designers, engineers, and craftsmen crafting contemporary lighting, furniture, and objects. Founded in 2007, this studio is rooted in Australia's manufacturing hub, drawing inspiration from ancient craftsmanship. Their approach blends technology and tradition, infusing products with historical nuances. Gardam's emotional connection to his homeland, Victoria, is evident in his designs, inspired by its raw beauty. Central to their philosophy is understanding the intimate bond between people and objects. Adapt, created in collaboration with Hightower Studio, encapsulates this ethos, marrying Australian design sensibilities with American manufacturing, exclusive to Hightower.

Lead Time

6-8 Weeks

Price Range Seating



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