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ZA SYSTEM Lounge Seating | La Palma

In Japanese, “za” means a safe meeting place and, long ago, monasteries were such places. Inspired by this ancient tradition of hospitality, Shin and Tomoko Azumi have created an elegant seating system, ideal for waiting areas, museums and shops. Each single element, with a slightly shaped sinuous profile, can be endlessly multiplied. With alternating straight and curved elements, it creates an amazing world of shapes. All the elements feature a characteristic metal band. This meeting is marked by the history of the men of yesterday and of today.

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la palma za system benches by shin and tomoko azumi

ZA SYSTEM by La Palma, where Italian craftsmanship meets Japanese-inspired hospitality. This elegant seating system, designed by Shin and Tomoko Azumi, exudes timeless sophistication. Its sinuous profiles and seamless blend of straight and curved elements create a captivating array of shapes. Each piece features a characteristic metal band, symbolizing the connection between past and present. Ideal for waiting areas, museums, and shops, ZA SYSTEM transforms spaces into havens of comfort and style.

tomoko azumi and shin azumi

Meet the designer

Tomoko Azumi (born in 1966, Hiroshima, Japan) is an interior and furniture designer based in London. Shin Azumi was born in Kobe, Japan in 1965...


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