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CONTINUUM Stool | La Palma

It has never changed since 1899, the year it was invented. But nobody could imagine that the paper clip, one of the most common objects in the office, could be combined with the creativity of Fabio Bortolani and be transformed into a stool. Its beautiful shape comes from a metal band, which, with its essential design, seamlessly shapes the seat and the footrest.

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The "CONTINUUM" stool by La Palma—a perfect fusion of timeless elegance and creative design. Inspired by the humble paper clip, this exquisite piece by Fabio Bortolani seamlessly shapes a single metal band into a captivating seat and footrest. Elevate your workspace with the "CONTINUUM" stool, a symbol of effortless beauty and Italian craftsmanship that effortlessly blends functionality with artistry.


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