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RYO Stool | La Palma

It slightly tilts. And leaving the body free to lean or stand, RYO goes beyond its identity and becomes magical. Inspired by objects of African tribal culture, this stool transforms a break into a moment of extreme wellbeing. Its solid wood seat, smooth and attractive to the touch, is a sculpture that embraces from all sides. The column is height-adjustable and ends with a small tilting base. The entire collection, also in a wall version, extends and lightens the concept of relaxation. Wherever you are, waiting means staying in motion.

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la palma ryo stool collection (4)

Inspired by the captivating allure of African tribal culture, this Italian masterpiece transcends mere furniture and takes you on a magical journey. As you take a seat, you'll notice its gentle tilt, inviting your body to lean or stand, providing an unparalleled sense of freedom. Crafted with precision, the solid wood seat is not only visually stunning but also irresistibly smooth to the touch, enveloping you in its sculptural embrace from every angle. The height-adjustable column gracefully culminates in a subtle tilting base, ensuring optimum comfort and balance. RYO's allure extends beyond the stool itself, with a versatile collection that includes a wall version, revolutionizing the concept of relaxation. Wherever you find yourself, RYO transforms ordinary breaks into moments of extraordinary well-being, making waiting an experience of continuous motion.

Sample Configurations

la palma ryo stool collection

| s174

Wall-mounted stool

la palma ryo stool collection

| s173

Height adjustable stool 

la palma ryo stool collection

| s172

Tilting stool height-adjustable 

designer enzo_bert

Meet the designer

Born in 1950, in Pianiga near Venice. He still lives and works in the Riviera del Brenta. During his cultural education at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and at the Industrial Design Course at the Department of Architecture of the University of Venice...


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