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THIN Stool | La Palma

Rigorous and wonderfully Nordic, the THIN stool lets light and shade reveal its secret essence. And playing with surfaces, light and shade enhance that slight thickening of the wood at the central part, which supports the back and becomes a recognisable elegant feature. A classic, light and resistant stool.

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THIN stool by La Palma, where timeless elegance meets impeccable craftsmanship. Embodying a harmonious blend of Nordic minimalism and meticulous design, this stool exudes an air of refinement that is sure to elevate any office space. Delight in the interplay of light and shadow as it unveils the hidden essence of THIN, showcasing its captivating allure. The clever use of surfaces accentuates the slight thickening of the wood at the center, providing exceptional support for your back while lending a distinctive touch of sophistication. With its classic silhouette, this stool effortlessly marries style and functionality, offering a lightweight yet remarkably resilient seating solution.


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