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What's Best with Office Furniture: Buy Used or Buy New?

As a business owner. there are some big decisions to make when furnishing an office. The question you ask yourself at this point is whether you should buy used or new. One of the most common misconceptions is that buying used saves you stacks of cash. While you might be able to find the odd products cheaper, it’s often a false economy. Here is the lowdown on why new furniture makes absolute sense for your business.

It Fits Your Space Perfectly

The most obvious and pressing reason to buy new office furniture is that is fits your office space perfectly. Buying used means making do, hoping that you can make something fit the space or even having to spend cash adapting what you can get your hands on. This is far from ideal. Buying new enables you to build your office around the available space to create an ideal place to work productively.

New office furniture is better than buying used because when you buy new it is specifically made for you in terms of size, colors, functionality – and all the other things that matter most to you, your business, your team and your customers. And you get something that fits your branding too. And you just can’t get that from used furniture.


Of course, new furniture will last longer than something that has already been through years of wear and tear. You want your furniture to last a long time. So new makes an awful lot of sense. If you buy used, then you may well be buying again in a few short years. And nobody wants that. Quality new office furniture will last you ages.
If you get far more years from new office furniture then you save money in the long term, making the business more efficient. Costs aren’t just the initial payment. It’s how far that money goes over the course of years or even decades.

Impressions Count

New office furniture improves your image with your clients. Imagine the amazing impression you will make when they walk into an office that looks a million dollars (but costs a fraction of that!) First impressions go a long way. And new office furniture helps create the impression of professionalism.

And it isn’t just your clients that will notice. New office furniture shows that employees are appreciated it and sets the tone of their workplace. When employees feel valued, they perform more effectively.

Looking After Your Team

Research indicates that office furniture that hasn’t been ergonomically designed can increase the chance of suffering from conditions such as lower back pain, obesity and high blood pressure. Used chairs may have either been designed for someone else or doesn’t have ergonomic considerations in terms of seating.

So, new office furniture will help keep your team healthy and feel valued too. As employers, we’re all responsible for the health and safety of our people. As well as new office furniture aiding productivity, it also reduces absenteeism.

Creating Extra Space

Any growing business needs extra space. But moving to new premises can be an expensive proposition. Managing the space you already have can create the opportunity for more desks and more seating.

Rather than go through the costly exercise of moving office, speak to us about using the space you have more effectively. We’ll help to plan and execute this strategy.

Only Buy what is Necessary

Buying office furniture is a great place to assess what you actually need. Buying used can mean getting what you can and then trying to make it fit. Buying new means you evaluate the space, gauge the need and then consult a professional to design the space accordingly.

This is another cost saving when buying new that is far too easily overlooked. A clean slate is the perfect opportunity to evaluate what you need and start again. Some areas may need downsizing, while others need an upgrade. And as part of our design process we are ready to help you with this.

We Make it Easy

We are a one stop solution that will design your space and present you with product lines that match your budget, timeframe, and style. Outsource the hassle of finding the ideal office furniture for your business by speaking to us. We have decades of experience assessing what you need, working with companies just like yours and providing solutions that work perfectly with your needs.

If you’re considering office furniture, then get in touch. We’re here to help you work it out. Don’t stress - let’s work together on your next project.

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