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BRUNCH Table | La Palma

Two worlds, two “moments” come together just like in the brunch tradition. On one side, a wood top that descends in a curve to the floor and gently changes thickness, and on the other, a rigorous metal base. With its highly original asymmetrical effect, this table can be freely arranged, with heights intersecting and opening up in the directions of a star.

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Introducing “BRUNCH” – an exquisite table crafted by La Palma, the renowned Italian manufacturer of exceptional office furniture. Blending elegance and innovation, this extraordinary piece embodies the convergence of two distinct worlds, inspired by the cherished tradition of brunch. With a gracefully curved wooden top that seamlessly transitions in thickness, and a meticulously designed metal base exuding a sense of refined precision, BRUNCH is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Its captivating asymmetry invites boundless creativity, allowing for free arrangement and height variations, reminiscent of a dazzling starburst. Experience the harmonious marriage of style and functionality as BRUNCH becomes the focal point of your office space.

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