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APTA Table | La Palma

A play of contrasts provides great balance, leaving the sturdy base units and the light top, raised slightly above the frame, to communicate. This is the stylistic hallmark of the APTA table, a tribute to the dimensions of a perfect combination, A play of contrasts, experienced with great balance, allowing the solidity of the painted metal bases and the lightness of the top to dialogue. The structure is available in white fenix, black fenix, oak wood or open pore black. This is the stylistic feature of the APTA table, a tribute to the proportions of a perfect combination. Ideal in any context, from the office to the home.

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Experience the exquisite APTA Table by La Palma – where Italian design meets unparalleled craftsmanship. This table strikes a perfect balance with contrasting elements: sturdy metal bases and a subtly elevated top. Available in white fenix, black fenix, oak wood, or open pore black, the APTA Table effortlessly blends strength and lightness. Ideal for both office and home settings, it is a timeless symbol of elegance. Discover the artistry of perfect proportions with the APTA Table.

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