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UENO Table | La Palma

UENO is named after one of the districts of Tokyo, famous for its park and splendid cherry blossom. This reference to the history of the city and the beauty of nature has given rise to UENO, a small table but also a stool, an essential combination of lines and surfaces, closed and open spaces. Its tubular metal profile effortlessly creates its shapes and softens its corners, which are always rounded. Takashi Shinozaki says that he was inspired by the stools at his school. This design project is definitely a school for thought.

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Inspired by the enchanting Ueno district of Tokyo, renowned for its picturesque park and breathtaking cherry blossoms, UENO table by La Palma seamlessly merges the realms of function and aesthetics. As versatile as it is elegant, this remarkable piece effortlessly transitions between a stylish table and a comfortable stool, offering a harmonious blend of open spaces and precise lines. Crafted with a tubular metal profile, its graceful curves and rounded corners reflect a timeless design philosophy. With its origins rooted in the school of thought, UENO invites you to embrace the essence of sophistication while transforming any space into a haven of contemporary allure. Experience the fusion of nature’s beauty and architectural finesse with UENO, elevating your office ambiance to new heights.

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