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SEELA AC Chair | La Palma

Extra comfort, new uses. SEELA by Antti Kotilainen becomes an armchair.

The SEELA collection of chairs by Antti Kotilainen is growing and is now complemented with a new addition: a brand-new tub version, created to meet the contract and residential markets even more promptly. A sinuous polypropylene shell rests on an extremely light base, which, in turn, seamlessly continues into the seat, accommodating a rounded wooden insert. The version with an insert acts as a base to create a padded seat for upholstering in fabric. The entire chair can also be upholstered and, if desired, the insert can stand out in a different material. Versatility is the key word to describe a chair with light, clear-cut lines that is extremely functional and has a solid structure, which changes according to the project requirements. It is ideal around a meeting table, as a guest chair and armchair in the coffee bars of companies or professional studios, and the version on castors is particularly suitable for co-working environments. Fully upholstered, it is even more comfortable and elegant and allows you to play with colours, having fun combining the shell in one colour with the seat interior in another.

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la palma seela ac conference meeting chairs white shell and pink fabric

SEELA AC Chair by La Palma is where extraordinary comfort meets innovative versatility. Designed by the renowned Antti Kotilainen, this remarkable armchair adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its sinuous polypropylene shell gracefully rests upon a remarkably lightweight base, seamlessly transitioning into a seat that cradles a rounded wooden insert. For those seeking ultimate comfort, the insert acts as a foundation for a plush fabric-upholstered seat, while the entire chair can be upholstered to suit personal preferences. Embodying adaptability, this chair effortlessly transforms to meet the unique demands of various projects. Perfectly suited for conference rooms, as a guest chair, or as a stylish addition to coffee bars and professional studios, it even comes with a caster option ideal for co-working environments. By opting for full upholstery, elegance and comfort are elevated, while the opportunity to play with colors allows for delightful combinations, making each SEELA AC chair a truly individual statement. Experience unrivaled craftsmanship and the allure of Italian design with this extraordinary creation from La Palma.

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Meet the designer

Design Office Antti Kotilainen was founded 1997 in Helsinki. Specializing in furniture design his studio also provides product design as well as complete visual concepts ranging from graphic to spatial design...

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