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FEDRA Stool | La Palma

Happily Nordic with its lightness and minimalism, FEDRA is a tribute to the Danish modernist tradition. With the minimalist embracing design of its backrest, a natural continuum with the seat, this chair gracefully and elegantly fulfils the needs of any environment, from restaurants to homes, for enjoyable social gatherings.

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FEDRA stool by La Palma, where Italian craftsmanship meets Nordic charm. Immerse yourself in the effortless elegance and timeless simplicity of this stool, paying homage to the Danish modernist tradition. FEDRA effortlessly combines a lightweight design with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring a seamlessly integrated backrest that gracefully merges with the seat. Its versatile allure transcends boundaries, enhancing any space from stylish restaurants to welcoming homes, inviting you to indulge in memorable social gatherings. With FEDRA, La Palma elevates the art of seating, delivering a captivating piece that embodies both sophistication and comfort. Embrace the harmonious blend of Italian finesse and Scandinavian minimalism, and let FEDRA transform your environment into an oasis of refined allure.

leonardo rossano

Meet the designer

Architect and designer he graduated in ‘91 in Florence, where he resides. In the 90’s he collaborated with architect Claudio Nardi’s studio designing for private residence, public spaces and boutiques for leading Italian designers...

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