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AP Stool | La Palma

A tribute to the origami tradition, this stool has been created by folding a sheet of wood. The AP profile surprises us with each one of its angles. The chair has a powerful graphic appeal. Its lightness is a flight of butterflies.

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The remarkable "AP" stool by La Palma, where artistry meets functionality. Inspired by the captivating art of origami, this extraordinary piece embodies the delicate folds of a meticulously crafted sheet of wood. With each angle and contour, the AP profile unveils a captivating surprise, evoking the limitless imagination of how origami transforms paper into creatures, shapes, and celestial wonders. A true testament to its Italian craftsmanship, this stool exudes a powerful graphic allure that effortlessly captivates the eye. Beyond its visual allure, the AP stool showcases a harmonious blend of elegance and lightness, akin to a graceful flight of butterflies. Elevate your workspace with this exceptional creation, meticulously designed to infuse a touch of enchantment into your office environment.


Meet the Designer

Shin Azumi was born in Kobe, Japan in 1965. After finishing his MA at the Royal College of Art in 1994, he started working as a design unit ‘AZUMI’...


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