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CROSS Stool | La Palma

The dynamic and minimalist cantilever stool

One day, at the airport. The idea for this highly elegant stool, designed by Mario Ferrarini, arose in one of the symbolic places of our times. There, where everything is fast, where every little break requires comfort, tranquility and beauty. The CROSS stool has become part of the Lapalma collection, offering a journey between a dynamic appeal and stability, energy and balance. With its attractive and fluid profile, appearing to almost take off, CROSS is what its name promises, a passage, a crossing. The body rests while thoughts remain active.

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The extraordinary "CROSS" stool by La Palma, an embodiment of dynamic elegance and minimalist design. Inspired by the fast-paced atmosphere of airports, where comfort and beauty are essential, this remarkable creation by Mario Ferrarini captures the essence of modernity. A seamless blend of stability and energy, the CROSS stool invites you on a captivating journey, balancing a sense of movement with a reassuring presence. Its alluring and fluid profile, seemingly ready to take flight, symbolizes a passage, a crossing, where the body finds rest while the mind remains vibrant and engaged. Elevate your workspace with this exceptional piece from the Lapalma collection, where innovation meets tranquility, and style meets functionality. Experience the CROSS stool and redefine your office environment with a touch of Italian finesse.


Meet the designer

Mario Ferrarini was born in Como, Italy, in 1978. Graduated in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Milan he began practicing as a consultant for a number of renowned design studios until founding his eponymous studio in 2007...

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