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ADD S Storage | La Palma

Documents, books and objects. Memories and visions of the future. Any period of design can find a space in the ADD system storage units. In line with the inventive creativity of seating, metal units can be arranged and combined with tables in a versatile way, thus creating work stations. Double-sided, open or closed with drawers and doors, these furniture units easily furnish the centre of a room and its walls. The same flexibility can be found with finishes and colours that enhance monochrome rigour or add contrasting effects with the different shades of seating and cushions.

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Introducing the ADD S collection by La Palma, a captivating ensemble of Italian-crafted office furniture that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. With storage cabinets and stands, this collection transforms any workspace into a haven of efficiency. La Palma’s vision resonates through these pieces, offering a timeless allure where past design eras effortlessly blend with future aspirations. The metal units, designed with inventive creativity, effortlessly pair with tables, forming versatile workstations. Whether double-sided, open or closed with drawers and doors, these units effortlessly furnish the room’s core and its walls. Moreover, the ADD S collection grants you immense freedom with its array of finishes and colors, allowing you to embrace monochrome rigidity or introduce contrasting effects to harmonize with the varied hues of seating and cushions. Elevate your office ambiance with La Palma’s exquisite ADD S collection, an epitome of versatility and sophistication that captures both your imagination and the essence of Italian craftsmanship.

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