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SEELA Multi Use Chairs | La Palma

When they communicate, it is the best of all possible worlds. Man and nature together, one observes, the other suggests shapes and materials. This extraordinary encounter has led to a lesson in Finnish design. The encounter between Antti Kotilainen and Lapalma has resulted in SEELA, a chair that expresses beauty, with spontaneous contact between wood, polypropylene and steel. The sinuous shell on light bases has an integrated seamless seat-pad. Countless variations. Much serenity.

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la palma seela multi use guest chair

SEELA chair by La Palma is born from the perfect union of human creativity and natural inspiration. Designed in collaboration with Antti Kotilainen, SEELA showcases the seamless blend of wood, polypropylene, and steel, creating a sinuous shell on lightweight bases. With its integrated seat-pad and endless customization options, SEELA embodies beauty, functionality, and serenity. Elevate your workspace with the epitome of Italian craftsmanship, available at Alan Desk Business Interiors Inc., Los Angeles' premier destination for medium to high-end office furniture.

antti kotilainen

Meet the designer

Design Office Antti Kotilainen was founded 1997 in Helsinki. Specializing in furniture design his studio also provides product design as well as complete visual concepts ranging from graphic to spatial design...

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