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KIPU Pouf | La Palma

In summer, it was a pleasure to collect the pebbles on the beach, hold them in your hand and feel their edges smoothed by the waves. Some of them would even end up in your pocket as a reminder of an encounter, a unique day. Anderssen & Voll have retraced these happy moments and transformed the most beautiful pebbles into a wonderful collection of poufs. All in different heights, colours and shapes. All in versatile combinations that transform a top into a seat. And it is as if every office, lounge and home environment suddenly overlooked a beach on the North Sea.

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la palma kipu poufs seating collection

KIPU pouf by La Palma is where the essence of summer finds its place within your office or home. Inspired by the cherished memories of collecting pebbles on the beach, this remarkable pouf embodies the craftsmanship and elegance of Italian design. Created by the visionary duo Anderssen & Voll, KIPU effortlessly captures the essence of those joyful moments, with each pouf mirroring the smooth, sea-worn edges of those treasured pebbles. Available in an array of heights, captivating colors, and alluring shapes, these versatile poufs seamlessly transform from mere tops into comfortable seating, adding a touch of coastal tranquility to any workspace, lounge, or domestic setting. Unleash your creativity with KIPU and allow your environment to embrace the allure of a serene beach on the North Sea. Welcome KIPU, where the coastal charm meets the world of contemporary interiors.


Meet the designer

Anderssen & Voll is an Oslo based designstudio run by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll. Torbjørn is graduated from The Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Espen is graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts...


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