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FORK Table Collection | La Palma

In Japanese culture, the tree represents man who lives in harmony with nature. Rooted in the ground and open to the gifts of the heavens. Also inspired by this superior balance, with its perfectly corresponding ideas, the FORK table pays homage to a combination of skilled Italian craftsmanship and Japanese minimalism. Thanks to its legs with an aluminium coupling and modular parts in various materials, the FORK table is part of a system, available in a vast range of shapes and heights, ideal for the office and the home. This is achieved when finding inspiration in nature.

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la palma fork table collection by tomaya tabuchi

FORK Table by La Palma is a remarkable fusion of Italian craftsmanship and Japanese minimalism. Drawing inspiration from the harmonious relationship between man and nature, this table embodies the essence of balance and elegance. Its legs, expertly crafted with an aluminum coupling, effortlessly merge with modular components made from a diverse array of materials. As part of a versatile system, the FORK Table offers a wide range of shapes and heights, making it an ideal choice for both office spaces and homes. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this design, where nature's inspiration meets exceptional artistry. Elevate your surroundings with the FORK Table, an embodiment of sophistication and functionality.


Meet the designer

Tomoya Tabuchi, born 1974 in Tochigi, Japan, graduated in living design at Kuwasawa Design School in 1997...

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