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SELTZ Table | La Palma

Distinctive and discreet with its top that tilts to 90°, the SELTZ small table meets the needs of any context. The steel column and offset feet facilitate storage. The tabletop is available in three different colours: white, black or wood. Just enough to create the perfect cocktail.

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seltz foldable bar height tables by romano marcato - picture showing different models

SELTZ by La Palma, a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship tailored for discerning professionals. This distinctive and discreet table transcends conventional boundaries with its sleek design and functional versatility. With a top that gracefully tilts to 90°, SELTZ effortlessly adapts to the demands of any dynamic environment. The steel column and offset feet enhance its practicality, allowing for effortless storage and mobility. The tabletop, available in three captivating colors—crisp white, timeless black, or warm wood—imbues your workspace with a touch of refined elegance. Designed to harmonize with your unique style, SELTZ is the perfect cocktail of form, function, and sophistication, elevating your office space to new heights.


Meet the designer

Romano Marcato was born in 1951, in Cadoneghe, a few kilometres from Padua. In 1970, he obtained a high-school diploma from the Istituto Tecnico Industriale of Padua, specialising in mechanical engineering...

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