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LEM Stool | La Palma

In 1969, man landed on the moon in the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module). In 2000, at the turn of the millennium, the LEM stool was created and became one of the symbols of Lapalma’s style. The same lightness, the same absence of gravity, which, in the void created by the design, fosters its relationship with the environment. And like the Apollo 11, as it could not bear unnecessary weights, this amazing chair incorporated all functions in a highly elegant minimalist profile. Only the essential, the rest stayed on the ground.

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la palma lem stool collection by shin and tomoko azumi

The LEM Stool by La Palma is where innovation and elegance unite to bring you a piece of Italian design that echoes the spirit of the lunar voyage. Inspired by the iconic Lunar Excursion Module, which carried mankind to the moon in 1969, the LEM stool captures the essence of weightlessness and boundless possibility. With its minimalist profile and ethereal presence, this remarkable stool redefines the relationship between form and function. Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, every element of the LEM stool serves a purpose, leaving behind the superfluous and embracing only the essential. As you immerse yourself in its graceful lines and effortless charm, you'll feel a sense of liberation and harmony, reminiscent of the void that fostered its creation.

tomoko azumi and shin azumi

Meet the designer

Tomoko Azumi (born in 1966, Hiroshima, Japan) is an interior and furniture designer based in London. Shin Azumi was born in Kobe, Japan in 1965...


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