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WIL Stool | La Palma

Originally based on a gear change, but with the speed of overtaking, the base support section transformed from round to triangular. This is the character of the dynamic and comfortable WIL stool, inspired by the automotive world. The stitching of the upholstered seat recalls a steering wheel. The colourful upholstery determines the destination of the journey.

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la palma wil stool by romano marcato

WIL Stool by La Palma, a true masterpiece inspired by the dynamic world of automotive engineering. Unveiling a design born from the graceful transition of gears, WIL emerges as a remarkable fusion of elegance and speed. Witness its metamorphosis from a rounded base to a captivating triangular support, evoking a sense of power and efficiency. With meticulous attention to detail, the upholstered seat features exquisite stitching reminiscent of a finely crafted steering wheel, inviting you to take hold and embark on a journey of comfort and style. Every aspect of WIL has been meticulously curated, ensuring a flawless blend of form and function. Embrace the vibrant colors of the upholstery, guiding you towards your desired destination.


Meet the designer

Romano Marcato was born in 1951, in Cadoneghe, a few kilometres from Padua. In 1970, he obtained a high-school diploma from the Istituto Tecnico Industriale of Padua, specialising in mechanical engineering...

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