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Visit Lounge Seating | Keilhauer

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Visit sofas and benches are a part of the Hangout Collection and are available with a low or high back. Benches are available in various lengths and sizes, with low, high or no backs and can be configured easily into various arrangements with and without the use of power enabled in-line tables and end tables. Visit benches and sofas can be used for standalone situations or serve as an anchor point for a larger Hangout.

The Hangout Collection features six interrelated products designed to celebrate teamwork while respecting the individual. The collection is defined by recurring themes of wood, steel, and swooping lines, allowing a facility to be completely furnished with one product line and maintain a natural flow of design. Comprised of benches, sofas, ottomans, stools, tables and chairs. Hangout can be configured in numerous shapes and formats to meet the needs of any space.

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4 – 6 Weeks

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