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GLOVE Stool | La Palma

An upholstered stool that ‘fit’ like a glove

“You wear it like a glove, it fits you like a glove.” Every time we read these words, we knew what a wonderful feeling characters were experiencing. Whether it was a dress, a house, a love story, that experience was perfect, the body and thoughts moved with absolute naturalness and elegance, and life flowed happily. So when Francesco Rota thought of a name for his new stool, he had no doubts and named it GLOVE. Same pleasant comfort in the wide seat. Same enveloping profile. And above all, same ease in assembling and recycling each element. And given the tradition, we throw down a gauntlet to find a more beautiful solution for every moment of relaxation.
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Inspired by the concept of a glove that fits flawlessly, this upholstered stool redefines seating excellence. GLOVE stool embraces your body with a wide seat that offers a luxurious sense of ease, ensuring a productive and enjoyable work experience. Its sleek and enveloping profile exudes elegance, elevating the aesthetics of any office space. Assembling and recycling GLOVE is effortlessly efficient, reflecting La Palma's commitment to sustainability and innovation. With GLOVE, every moment of relaxation becomes a masterpiece, seamlessly blending style, functionality, and the artistry of Italian design. Discover the epitome of refinement and indulge in the harmonious fusion of comfort and sophistication with GLOVE – the ultimate choice for discerning professionals seeking exceptional office furniture.


Meet the designer

Francesco Rota is an interior and product designer based in Milan. He was born in 1966, graduated in product design at Art Center College of Design in 1994, La Tour de Peilz (Switzerland), and in 1998 opened his own studio in Milano...


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